About Us

Alieniz strives to excel in the intuitive web interfaces, developing best-selling mobile apps to providing app marketing, digital transformation engineering, branding, UX/UI, SEO services and alike. From soup to nuts of your project we translate these technologies into value for our clients’ by giving them professional services and create values for businesses across the entire product lifecycle.

Our creative minds are the best at conceiving a simple solution for business problems using latest technologies at an affordable cost, Passionate towards the work and will put the efforts to reach success as well as to achieve the objectives irrespective of the surroundings and situations. In addition, we combine user-centric strategy, proven methodologies, emerging technologies, domain knowledge and to tailor innovative and future-ready solutions that help our clients re-imagine their customer experience, generate revenue streams, and streamline their business operations.

Why Alieniz

Creative minds

We are not the only who can do your project, but translating your ideas creatively into unique digital products is why we are here for you.


For us professional fulfilment of our obligations, based on a deep understanding of development processes and ensuring absolute confidentiality is everything.

Cost Efficiency

Because we care for you, we build your product fast and in an integrated way according to your business requirement and your budget better than the usual market offerings.


We take responsibility for the expediency and soundness of the decisions made in the development process, providing guaranteed maintenance of our software products.

Expert Guidance

Leveraging our skills and experience, we provide expert guidance to our clients as per their requirements throughout their project lifecycle.

Satisfactory Service

We are committed to providing excellent and satisfactory services for the allotted project until our client feels completely convinced that this is what he was looking for.